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          Years ago, without the help of foreign fertilizers and insecticide drugs, grains were imported from other countries, so it was very important to increase farm production in our country. In order to increase farm production, the help of foreign fertilizers and pesticides has been taken. Due to the use of medicines, the soil mixed with the land was destroyed and the land became addicted to alum and pharmaceuticals, the quality of the crop India has been polluted, corrupted, diet increased the proportion of toxic elements, seeds, water and the environment etc. As a result, the increase in the number of birds in the crop increased due to human health, the effect of animals on the respiratory system increased the number of diseases in the human population and the immune system decreased.

          As per guidance given by Shubhash Palekarji, cows of cattle and cow urine, millions of farmers, without the help of foreign fertilizers and medicines, produce land in the soil by giving them land with live water to get farm produce. Farmers from cow-based natural farming have reduced farm production costs, yielded more agricultural production as compared to the production of farmland by various fertilizers and medicines and in some crops, many farmers have been able to cultivate this method and we understand the method of cultivating them. Today thousands of farmers are cultivating culturally and the results are also getting better. The benefits of cow based systematic benefits are the benefits of farming, which reduces the cost of farm produce and increases the income of the farmers. People get chemically free food. Since cow based farming, the service of cows is also produced by less water. Livelihoods in this system produce large amounts of worms and the wolf gives farms to the soil of the farm till 15-15 ft. Till the soil is sown and the second is laid out by Sidro. is coming. This algae is working to make the soil, but even if there is 6 inches of rain, the number of seedlings in the closed fields is removed and all the water in the rain is thrown into the ground, hence this work is also very big work of water conservation. If the farmer cultivates this method in any kind of crop, then Nimastar is a drug that does not have to be bought from anybody but the farmer himself makes it from 10 types of paan and cow urine, such as neem leaves, safflower leaves. And the crop is exempt from disease. Thousands of farmers from cow based natural farming have been getting very good production without fertilizer and medication. There was one thing in our minds all over the years that without any fertilizer and insect killer drugs, there could be no production, but it did not succeed even when efforts were made to produce a fertilizer without fertilizer and medicines, but today it became cows based and it has become very popular in natural farming. The force has found that many thousands of farmers are now cultivating cultivated farming. E-Farmer cultivates culturally for 3 years.

          The family farmer campaign has been launched to provide a family of cow-based organic farming to families who want to make chemical-free food available in their own kitchen and make their family healthier. What is the Family Farmer campaign? As we have a family doctor, we will also have to decide on a family farmer. In this campaign, a website called 'Family Farmer' has been launched, which will see a list of farmers based on cow based farming in Gujarat, and you will be able to choose which farmer will be able to make an agreement with you on that website, after that farmer we can cultivate natural farming in his farm. How are the scenes of how it is done, how to make it a living, the method of giving it with water, the crop Tpadanano growth, crop, packing etc. will be sending you a photograph of the mobile medium to day-to-day. The Family Farmer Expedition is a Human Service and Country Service. The campaign will provide relief to the people of the country by offering chemical-free food to many diseases. Husband and wife are healthy, healthy children are born on their own. For a healthy child it is very important for a husband and wife to be healthy and to use chemical-free food to stay healthy.

          In our neighboring country, we saw that the country's fertilizer and fertilizer was not accessible to the country, but the country's doctors and people told us that there is no cancer in our country. If we do not have cancer due to natural farming in Bhutan, we can also release cancer to our country. All the awakened people of the country and farmers will have to give importance to natural farming. To take this campaign to the masses, we have to speed up the family farming process. Through this campaign, farmers will get their produce and get decent price so that other farmers will be inspired, besides the family farmer will get quality food. Then let us take the Family Farmer campaign to the mass population for the creation of a healthy society and get the benefits of this campaign. And serve the country.

Mathurbhai Savani
President Saurashtra Jaldhara Trust

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